A mouth full of hell and a chest full of HELL YEAH.

A mouth full of hell and a chest full of HELL YEAH.

October is by far my favorite month of the
year. Everything that comes with it: fall leaves,
cute boots, basic-bitch-beverages, costumes, scary
movies, and, of course, Scorpio season. For my
fellow astrology fans out there you know what
I’m talking about.

To be fair, Scorpio season is only the last eight days
of October, however, not only am I an October
Scorpio but my birthday is on Halloween—so it’s
basically Anh Season. It only seemed fitting that
I write this month’s letter to our Sasscribers.
Fall is fully upon us which means change is in the
air. All of us at S&S are extremely excited about
the rollout of our new booklet—I mean, have you
looked at this sexy beast?!

In this edition you will find some fun drink
recipes with which you can use your new Bitch
Brew from one of our favorite brand partners,
Blackout Coffee Co., as well as some delicious
charcuterie (shark coochie–look it up) spread

Speaking of charcuterie, we’ve planted an
easter egg on one of our Smartass & Sass
products this month. Let us know if you
find it! (@smartassandsass)

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with a note regarding
October’s theme, Mouthy as Hell. Many of you
are here for the smartassery, some of you are here
for the snark, but let’s be honest, you’re all here
because you’ve found your place among fellow
brazen buddies—stay mouthy, sassy friends!

~ Anh - Sass Master