*How orders earn f*cks:

  • Earn 5 f*cks for every $1 spent in the Sass Shop (excludes subscription products)
  • Earn 500 f*cks for every Big Box subscription shipped
  • Earn 300 f*cks for every Box subscription shipped
  • Earn 150 f*cks for every T-shirt only subscription shipped

Loyalty Program FAQ

Q. When will my f*cks be added to my account?

A. Points are added to your account as soon as the order is shipped. Shop orders are fulfilled in 1-3 business days. Subscription orders are always scheduled to ship on the 18th of each month. For orders that include a combo of shop and subscription products, all points will be added to your account when the subscription item ships. This all goes for referred orders as well!

Q. Do f*cks expire?

A. Don't sit on your sass! F*cks expire after 6 months.

Q. Will I receive f*cks from any orders I placed before setting up my account?

A.F*cks do not get added retroactively. As soon as you've signed up, you'll start receiving f*cks. The good news? Signing up for any type of account (subscription, shop, loyalty) signs you up for the FML loyalty program automatically. So as long as you log in each time you place an order - vs. checking out as a Guest - you'll be earning f*cks!

Q. When do I receive my b-day f*cks?

A.Birthday f*cks are added to your account on your special day. If you entered the anniversary of your birth within 30 days of celebrating, your first gift will be granted after your next trip around the sun (aka, next year.)

Q. Why was my rewards discount code not applied to my order?

A.Loyalty reward discount codes cannot be combined with other promo codes, including automatic discount codes (ex. free shipping on orders of $75+). If your order qualifies for one of these discounts or a 'no code required' promo, the loyalty reward code can not be used as well. Hang onto this code for a future order!

A2. Make sure you're entering the entire code! It will look like this: $NN OffXXXXXXXX (yes, the dollar amount at the front gets entered as well!)

Q. Why do I get the error 'oops! something when wrong' when trying to refer a sassy friend?

A.This error appears when the friend you are trying to refer is already a loyalty program member. Only new sassholes are eligible for a referral discount.