Watch that pot. Don’t let those little things turn into a giant reaction.

Watch that pot. Don’t let those little things turn into a giant reaction.

For the last four years, we’ve had the tradition
of November’s subscription theme being a
snoozy, multi-slacking, plan-canceling ode
to letting things go. As an unabashed introvert,
this has become one of my favorite boxes each year.
With themes like Do Not Disturb, Hibernation
Mode, In Your Dreams, and I Need a Nap, we
hope you’ve gotten the message that prioritizing
your wellbeing is the tits.

At certain points in our lives, self care becomes
exceptionally challenging. In my experience,
it is typically in the busiest times when taking
care of yourself falls to the lowest priority (read:
it ain’t happening). This year, my life changed
significantly after the birth of our child, Rhys. It’s
been a joy-filled, sleep-deprived, giggle-inducing,
diaper-bomb of a year, and, like all overwhelming
phases in our lives, this year has reminded me how
important it is to take care of myself.

My doctor once used an analogy of a pot boiling
over to explain how at stressful times, if left
unattended, our “pot” is always ~this~ close to
spilling over the edge, and any little addition
(a stressful phone call, bad traffic, a screaming
kiddo) can cause it to overflow. That’s why self-
maintenance is so important. You gotta watch
that pot.

I’ve learned in recent years that taking care of
yourself doesn’t need to be big but it should be
intentional. Maybe it looks like painting your
toes or pouring yourself a cup of tea and sitting
alone for just. five. minutes. However you like
to recharge those batteries, create some space
for yourself and keep that pot simmering.


~Abby, S&S HBIC