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No Filter Bundle
No Filter Bundle
No Filter Bundle
No Filter Bundle
No Filter Bundle
No Filter Bundle

Unleash your unapologetic attitude and show the world your true colors with our bold "No Filter" bundle! Packed with statement pieces and sassy accessories, this collection is for those who refuse to be anything less than authentic, raw, and fabulous.

This bundle contains: 

Oh S#%A! Swear Bank: Fuck! Oops! There goes another dollar into the pot. Turns out saving money is easy when you’re constantly contributing to this sleek swear bank. Opt to display it front and center on your desk or dresser, or hang in an accessible spot with the attached hardware. When it’s full, simply pop open the back, cash in your ill-gotten gains, and start all over again! S#%@! That was easy!

Bitchin' Visor: This hat is totally bitchin’! Nothing like a velcro-back visor to highlight the turn of the century fashion. And this one is snarky to boot! So throw that hair in top knot and tell the world you are like totally bitchin’!

Watch Le F*ck Out Necklace: Sometimes spicing up an outfit isn’t always a bold color, it may be a subtle profanity hanging from your neck! This is our silver circle-cut necklace; received in a cute red velvet storage baggie. 17.7" chain length with 1.96" adjustable length.

Find Your Patience Bumper Magnet: ‘Driving to (insert destination here) is the most stress-free part of my day’ said no one, ever. Let your fellow commuters know exactly how close you are to losing your shit with this in-your-face bumper magnet.

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