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Hydrate, Don't Die-drate Bundle
Hydrate, Don't Die-drate Bundle
Hydrate, Don't Die-drate Bundle
Hydrate, Don't Die-drate Bundle
Hydrate, Don't Die-drate Bundle

Stay hydrated and keep your spirits high with our refreshing "Hydrate, Don't Die-drate" bundle! Crafted for those who know the importance of self-care and staying fabulous, this collection of hydration essentials is your ticket to a healthier, happier you.

This bundle contains:

Emotional Support Water Bottle: This is your new emotional support water bottle—don’t forget to wash it! This single-walled stainless steel bottle is 26 ounces with a screw-on lid. It’s dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand-washing to extend the life of the graphic.

Sassy Coaster Set: Don’t set that sweaty sh*t on my table! This is a sassy set of 4 coasters that are perfect for telling your guest to use their manners instead of the damn table! Phrases included:

  • Cheers bitches!
  • One should always use protection.
  • Look at you using a coaster all classy & shit.
  • Don't fuck up the table.

Size: Each coaster is 3.5" diameter
Specs: S
teel button body, natural cork backing, water-resistant soft-touch matte finish.

Suck It Straws: With six straws boldly proclaiming “suck it,” this set is perfect for those moments when you want to add a touch of irreverence to your drink. Complete with a cleaning brush because even snarky straws need a little TLC. These straws will have you sipping in style while giving a playful middle finger to convention.

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