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Do Not Disturb Bundle
Do Not Disturb Bundle
Do Not Disturb Bundle
Do Not Disturb Bundle
Do Not Disturb Bundle
Do Not Disturb Bundle

Indulge in some well-deserved me-time and escape from the world with our luxurious "Do Not Disturb" bundle! Designed to pamper and rejuvenate, this collection of cozy essentials is your ticket to relaxation, tranquility, and blissful solitude.

This bundle contains: 

Do Not Disturb Mug: Calling all wintroverts! This adorable mug is 15oz with a wrap-around design crafted by us! The handle is printed with “do not disturb” because winter is no time for house calls! Curl up with a hot cup of whatever and relax! You deserve it! 

F*ck This Book Sleeve: Nothing quite hits like a good book on a chilly night. Reading in the winter is better than reading in the summer, and that’s just a fact! Your book deserves to be cozy too with this 11” by 9” padded page protector. Whether you're tossing your book in your bag or trying to hide the smutty content from your kids, you need this festive book sleeve.

Delicate F*cking Flower Bubble Bath: For serious relaxers only. Lay back and let the smell of black vanilla and bergamot whisk all your worries away. One bottle is enough for about twenty watery time-outs. Scent: Black Vanilla & Bergamot

Cozy B*tch Era Blanket: This is your new “leave me alone” blanket. Made of heathered polyester fleece, the outside layer gives serious sweater vibes. It’s 50” x 60”—perfect for a solo snuggle or a close-up cuddle.

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