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Crushing It Kit
Crushing It Kit
Crushing It Kit
Crushing It Kit
Crushing It Kit

Hey rockstar, you've totally got this! Crush your 2024 goals with the Crushing It Kit, the ultimate companion for those ready to conquer their goals with style and sass! This bundle combines three essential items designed to elevate your productivity and keep you motivated every step of the way.

This bundle contains:

Goals Notepad - Weekly Tracker: What better way to get your sh*t together than by using this handy weekly tracker designed by our very own S&S Mischief Maker! She’s got those lists and habits handled like a boss, and now you can too! 60 sheets each 5.5" x 8.5"

Tough As Sh*t Mirror Decal Cling: A mad-motivational, back-facing application that you can apply over and over again. A removable static cling means you can switch up the location of inspiration. Great for your bathroom mirror for some morning inspiration! 3" x 5"

Sassy Pen Set: These three pens are not for loaning out. Yellow, magenta, and blue—all with a little fuck you. These are for those occasions when you need to send someone a clear message. Clicky ballpoint pen with black ink. Phrases - 1. Can you fuck off? 2. You look like a headache. 3. Kindly STFU.

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