Steps to a perfect home manicure.

The first thing you should know is that every single human has different nail textures. The oil level and growth capabilities vary from person to person, so let’s get to it on universal rules for a perfect f*cking manicure. Take these lessons with you to the grave!

The steps

  1. DON’T use nail clippers! Trust me, it’s way better for your nails to only FILE (unless things really get out of control). No matter the sharpness of your clippers, microscopic damage will occur. Filing leaves everything smooooth.
  2. Use a cuticle cream or oil! Don’t you dare cut those cuticles! Push ‘em down with a tool and rub a small dab of cream or oil around the nail bed. Let it absorb and wash your hands before continuing.
  3. Apply a base coat! Apply a thin layer of base coat over each nail, not quite reaching to the cuticle; leaving a thin separation will prevent peeling!
  4. Nail polish time! Apply as many thin layers to get an even coat across all nails. Let the layers dry in between, and don’t forget the tip! (LOL) We love the Drunken Meltdown nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty.
  5. Keep hands, cuticles, and nails moisturized! Use our body butter to keep that skin soft throughout the entirety of your manicure and don’t you dare lift a finger! Try using your knuckles in place of your pointer finger to keep that mani FRESH AF!

Benefits of Using a Glass File

Glass files are the answer to all your nail-filing frustrations. Sawing, peeling, hangnails, and the rest of the mess will just be vague, bad memories if you make the switch and ditch the emery board. Snag yourself the IDK. IDC. IDGAF. glass file from the Sass Shop and see for yourself!

Make the switch

  • No more varying harshness of your board, the glass file is consistent and hardly wears off.
  • Seals the keratin layers and minimizes chipping.
  • Works with both natural and artificial nails! 
  • The abrasive surface makes your nails super smooth without splitting.