Some quick fixes to tame that mane!

Some quick fixes to tame that mane!

With a scrunchie for your accessory - like one in the 'Handle It' Scrunchie set from Smartass & Sass, it adds way more than just style for any hair type. These gems add volume and texture with ease, plus they give you some extra support for certain styles. Whether you like a sleek style or some sections hanging down, we got some stellar styles for your sassy ass to try when you just can’t be bothered with that curling iron.

Half up, half down

A retro and chic look that can be worn messy, sleek, high, or low. The half-up, half-down works with any length and texture of hair—it’s very versatile. The half-pony shows your face off, while still showing off your luscious locks.

Top bun

Securing a bun—whether it's slicked or messy—is a breeze with this poofy ponytail holder. Twirl your hair and twist it to get the ‘cinnamon roll’ look, or throw it up and pull some strands out to sport the messy look.


When you’ve just had enough of the simple ponytail, divide that hair into 3 and get to braiding. A braid adds a unique twist to any hair look, and they’re always in style. French braid... dutch braid... fishtail braid... OH MY!


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