Netflix and chill TF out.

The snack of popcorn is so damn versatile because you can craft any type of flavor you’re looking for in that moment. Use the buttery cinnamon roll seasoning to add the sweet dessert-like taste on top of your crunchy corn. If you’re more of a trail mix type, add M&Ms and peanuts (or nuts of your choice) to the popped corn to switch up the snack. A couple of outlandish fun ones are to drizzle hot sauce on top of the popcorn using Cholula or Tapatio, or get that pickle jar out and pair a pickle with a handful of corn. Go grab your microwavable popcorn bowl and get creative!

And what pairs perfectly with popcorn? Movies of course! After taking a quick poll to find out some movie moods and favs, we found each Sass Squad member’s perfect vibe. Need some recommendations? Need a genre picked quick? Let us set the scene for your next movie night.


S A S S  S Q U A D  T O P  P I C K S

H.B.I.C. (Abby) - Complete horror junkie! Seven is my fav. Die Hard for holiday time (yes, it is a Christmas movie. Come at me.)

Sass Master (Anh) - A Knight’s Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You, anything Heath Ledger really.

Curation Queen (Kim) - Wedding Crashers, Mrs. Doubtfire, Titanic. I know what I like! No apologies.

Branding Badass (Andrea) - I love me some comedy! Overboard for sure.

Customer Service Queen (Ashley) - Something funny and nostalgic never misses. Ever After and The Wedding Singer are high on the list.

Lady Chaos (Lindsey) - The Goonies, Ghostbusters (Who ya gonna call?) and Practical Magic

Supervisor of Snark (Mikayla) - Singing in the Rain is the ULTIMATE comfort movie! The Wizard of Oz is a classic I will always adore, along with pretty much anything Disney produces! Disney queen in the hooouuseee!

Mischief Maker (Megan) - I love a good ol’ comedy, an intense horror (but no blood please!), or a feel-good movie (like a coming of age!). I will never get over when I first saw Perks of Being A Wallflower.


So grab your popcorn and let us know YOUR favorites on social media!