Calm the f*ck down.

“When the stress meter is going through the roof, relaxing can seem like the hardest thing to do.”

Let's talk about some ways that can help us bring down the stress level and bring the happy level up! 


Put the phone up

It’s such a challenge to take your eyeballs away from that f*cking device. It has a hold over us that we don’t even realize! Taking the time to put your phone in a different room to give another task your full attention works wonders. The disconnect from reading other people’s successes and failures, and just being able to focus on YOU and your hobbies, is a breath of fresh air. (The raspberry-orange green tea from SnarkCity works iced or hot, and gives the relaxing benefits of vitamin boosts and overall wellness to kick those sh*tty stressful thoughts to the curb.)


Meditation is a constant work-in-progress, but you gotta start somewhere! Finding a time in the day where you dedicate all your energy to yourself can make the difference between turning that frown upside down. Your brain strives to be comfortable and at peace; but the truth is, we grow most when we are in uncomfortable stages. So if meditation seems uncomfortable at the start, remind yourself that you’ll see the functionality of it as time goes on. Everything takes time. Breathe, bitch.

Physical things

There are some physical things you can do to re-route your stress and to rejuvenate yourself if you have trouble come midday. Eating a sour piece of candy or fruit can release the serotonin in your brain that affects many bodily functions in a positive way. Chomp down on that warhead or bite a lemon wedge for a wake-up call on your own dime.

A splash of water to the face, or some cold droplets behind your ears and on your wrists are other physical wakeup calls as well! Rolling the shoulders backwards a couple times, rolling the head 360 degrees, and loosening the neck and shoulders muscles is a stretch-approach way to releasing that f*cking tension we hold without knowing! (Taking a bath or warm shower can help the body and muscles relax as well. Using the light whipped shaving soap as a shaving cream or just as a body lather provides the feeling of calmness due to oils in the soap.)



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