Level up those calendar pages!

Level up those calendar pages!

Level up those calendar pages!

Instead of chucking those torn off calendar pages in the recycling bin, try making this cute AF origami wreath instead!


What you'll need:

How to make it:

Step 1

Fold you page over from the corner and trim off the excess to make a square

Step 2

Flip the page over and fold all four corners into the center


Pick one corner, and fold both sides up to meet the line in the middle

Step 4

Fold the fat triangle at the top down towards the backside

Step 5

Fold in half with the fat triangle on the outside

Step 6

Make a whole bunch more!


Now we assemble the wreath!

Insert the two ends on the open side into either side of the slit on the folded side
*Pro tip: make sure they're tight!

Keep connecting the pages until you've made it all the way around. Connect the last piece into the first, and voila! A cute AF sassy wreath to jazz up any space! Stick some adhesive on the back and hang anywhere!


Happy crafting, sassy friend!
- Ashley, Smartass & Sass crafting enthusiast


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