How the f*ck do I use this brush?

Look good, feel good babe. Whatever that looks like for you—embody it to the fullest.

For some of us, it’s putting on that nice, subtle (or flashy!) look of makeup, holding your head high, and kicking the days’ ass. But how TF do we even USE some of this makeup sh*t!? Snag yourself a B*tchy Makeup Brush Set from the Sass Shop and let's get started!


This is the largest of the bunch and the poofiest at that. This guy is for all your powder needs. Applying it, setting it, and brushing it off. Apply your shade of powder lightly to the forehead, jawline, concealed spots, cheekbones, smile lines, and tip of the chin. Think: where is my face naturally ‘bright’ at? Then put that powder there. This poofball can be dubbed as a blush brush for the apples of your cheeks and tip of nose!


The contour brush!! One of our favorite makeup tricks is contouring the face, bringing out the cheekbones and jawline. Skinnier than the powder brush, it’s easier to sculpt those f*ckin’ facial bones out.




Blend it outttt, b*tches! This orbital eyeshadow brush is specially designed for a perfect crease definition and blending. Ideal for cream or powder eyeshadow. Use the edge of the brush to easily deposit color to the crease or outer corner of your eye for depth and definition. Then, use the brush head at any angle for perfect crease blending. Ta da!



If you’re a makeup newbie, this is exactly where to start. This medium-sized eyeshadow brush has a slight fan making it easy to apply the perfect amount of eyeshadow to the lid. Not too much or too little! This is the safe route brush!




The shortest bristle eyeshadow brush! The stubby, compacted bristles make this brush great for picking up a lot of product and packing it onto the eyelid. If you want an intense, bold shot of color this little guy is the perfect option. 




Have you ever tried drawing on your brows with a brush and product, instead of a pencil? It’s a f*ckin’ game-changer, and we’re about to show you how. Use this slanted bristle brush, dip it into some powder that is similar to your hair color (can be eyeshadow if you don’t own brow powder!), and apply the product in a line underneath your eyebrow aligning with your arch. Then readjust the angle of the brush and apply the product to the top of your eyebrow arch. This will be the DARKEST part of your brow! With the brush still angled (and using more product as needed) swipe in hair-like strokes for a realistic look on the rest of the brow, being the lightest at the front! Don’t forget to fill at the end of your eyebrow, too. 


Here’s your new favorite concealer brush! Apply concealer under the eye, around the eyebrows (after you draw them in), on the nose bridge, and over any imperfections. Use this tall, flat oval brush for pristine precision before you blend!




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