So, recently we (the two lady bosses over at Smartass & Sass) were talking about a few things. First of all—how inspired and joyful we feel about the Women’s March messages and feels, second—how many badass females we know, and third—how we feel we are at an important point in our nation’s history where we need to band together and stand up for what’s right, like gender equality.

From Feminist Goddess Supreme (and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador) Emma Watson: “For the record, feminism by definition is: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.'”

Based on this definition, we know quite a few people who are Feminist As F*ck. This campaign’s mission is to:

  • Support artists and small businesses
  • Donate money to NPOs with feminist agendas (organizations will be nominated and chosen by artists and backers)
  • Join together and do something good as supporters of equal rights for women

The Idea

We want to run a campaign for a line of products called “Feminist AF Boxes”. These will be one-time purchases including products from small businesses and artists (for which products will be purchased at wholesale prices to support small business) and all profits will go to nonprofit organizations (NPOs) with feminist agendas.

As for which NPOs to donate to, we are thinking that participating artists can nominate organizations and we’ll put out a survey for backers to vote once the campaign ends. We’d like to donate whatever percentage of the vote a given NPO gets to that organization. So many great nonprofits need our support, and we hope that this will allow us to spread the funds and include some smaller organizations as well.

The highlights:

  • Campaign ran on Indiegogo platform: this type of product (produced by many collaborators) falls within the guidelines of Indiegogo’s campaign rules—we ran a similar campaign when we first started our business last year. Crowdfunding this campaign will allow for us to pay all artists up front as well as leverage Indiegogo’s media and sharing platforms.
  • All products will be related to feminism and female empowerment: we will be purchasing wholesale products from artists that fall under this wide umbrella. Products don’t have to specifically say the word “feminism” in any way, but they should contain empowering messages that cause a lot of strong-lady vibes.
  • Depending on where this thing goes (and we’re hoping it’ll be big!), we don’t expect any one artist to contribute to every box. We’ll commit to a certain dollar value per box and will work with all artists to determine quantities of product that can be provided in the given timeframe.
  • Artist nominated NPOs with backers voting the percentage of funds to go to each. Everyone will have a say in where funds are allocated, and we’ll be able to support more organizations and include smaller ones.
  • Here is a breakdown of an example backer reward: $50 Feminist AF Box = $50 worth of products ($25 cost at wholesale pricing), $4 packaging fee (to cover our costs of materials and the act of packaging), $5 for Indiegogo and credit fees, and a $16 donation to a feminist NPO. Shipping not included.

  • We can offer add-on rewards, such as: A donation boost (all additional funds added here will go 100% toward feminist NPOs), a Feminist AF campaign shirt (we’d like to take artist ideas and vote as a community; all profits donated to NPOs),  and a downloadable pack of prints (artists donate downloadables; 100% of funds go to NPOs).
  • We can also come up with Stretch Goals! Should we hit our target, we can decide on freebies to send to everyone to encourage more giving.

The Timeline

We would like to move on this idea quickly while we are all inspired by all of the females of the world! We will spend the next week or so crafting messaging, the campaign page, and working with you all to gather interested artists, product samples for campaign photos, and fine-tuning a promotion plan. After that, we are thinking:

  • February 8-March 14: Indiegogo campaign is LIVE. We will have a promo campaign in place, including a Facebook page for our community of artists and a ton of shareable shit for us all to use to spread the word.
  • March 15-March 28: Confirming order totals for each artist and receiving funds from Indiegogo (takes up to two weeks). Surveys sent to backers to gather and sizing information needed, finalize addresses and reward choices, and nominate feminist NPOs.
  • March 29-May 16: All digital products delivered. Product development for artists. We want to give ample time for any extra processing times, especially if this blows UP and artists want to contribute more.
  • May 17-May 30: Shipping products to Smartass & Sass for packaging.
  • May 31-However many weeks it takes!: Packaging and shipping all of all the boxes.

So that’s it! That’s our big idea. If you’re an artist that’s interested in being involved, fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. If you have other thoughts, ideas, or just want to say hey, shoot us an email at

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