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Sassy Vegan Nail Polish - Bath & Body
Sassy Vegan Nail Polish - Bath & Body
Vegan Nail Polish - Hotter Than Your Ex - Bath & Body
Vegan Nail Polish - Basic Beach - Bath & Body
Vegan Nail Polish - Drunken Meltdown - Bath & Body

Your nails deserve a makeover that screams “I give zero f*cks!” Choose from one of three, gorgeous, cruelty-free shades.

  • Basic Beach, a neon magenta shade that effortlessly captures the essence of sunsets and cocktails. 
  • Hotter Than Your Ex, a sleek black shade, will have your nails stealing hearts and souls. 
  • Drunken Meltdown, a  striking shade of pink with orange undertones is as juicy as the text message you sent at 3 am after one too many.

From Trust Fund Beauty


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