Flavor God's Buttery Cinnamon Roll Topper - it's not just for popcorn, my friends!

If you've tried Flavor God's Buttery Cinnamon Roll Popcorn Topper, you know its the tits. But this staple movie snack isn't the only treat that could benefit from a little sweetness!  Here are some other Smartass & Sass tested and approved ideas, so you KNOW they're yummy AF!

1) Apple Slices

Don't let the simplicity deceive you. A little (or big!) sprinkle of this seasoning on apple slices, packs a truly delicious punch! Did you just make a healthy snack taste like a sweet treat? Hell yeah, you did!

2) Bananas with peanut butter

Elevate the classic combo with a dash of this seasoning and go bananas for this childhood favorite all over again!

3) English muffin

If the apples above are a simple, then this is a no brainer! Breakfast is served, bitches!

4) Air fryer chick peas

First of all: air fried chick peas?!! YES, PLEASE! Sprinkle a little melted butter and a generous helping of seasoning, give it a good shake or stir, and enjoy this crunchy treat instead of (or with?) popcorn.

5) Yogurt and granola

Level up yogurt with crunchy granola and buttery cinnamon roll seasoning for a heathy and satisfying breakfast!

6) Strawberries with whipped cream and siete churro crisps

Ready to feel like a world renowned chef in less than 5 minutes? Slice up some strawberries, top with whipped cream and Flavor God's seasoning, and serve with churro chips. I'll be having my dessert first tonight, thank you!

7) Spanish latte with a twist

Don't forget to give your beverages some love too! Make this coffee shop worthy latte from the comfort of your own home! Add two shots espresso to milk mixed with 2 tablespoon condensed milk and top with the seasoning! Not a coffee drinker? Try it in some hot cocoa

8) Baked pork chops

Wait, what?! Savory? What CAN'T this stuff do?! Add a little bit to any dry rub recipe, coat both sides of each chop, and bake!  (I've got a nasty habit of not measuring my seasoning, but here's what I used for this rub: cinnamon roll seasoning, lots of paprika, garlic salt, onion powder, salt and pepper)

What other culinary masterpieces have you created with the seasoning? Share them with us on social media!