Keep calm, the year is over.

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of everything else you want to take care of.”

Wow. As a new year begins, many folks get hung up on the term “resolution,” and turn the word from a positive to a negative real f*ckin’ fast. You don’t have to check a resolution off some sort of list for it to be “done” or “accomplished,” resolutions can be constant on-goings to better you and/or your surroundings. With every new year comes a brand new bitch—staying idle in life gives a feeling of being stuck and we are never stuck on this roller coaster. Maybe confused, frustrated, scared of the looming ‘future’... but never stuck. Change is constant but that doesn’t make it easy. And whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing. Baby steps, sassy friends.

Quotes I find helpful

“What am I doing today to help put me in alignment with who I am meant to be?”

This is a quote I saw one day and it changed my days; I try to ask myself this every morning. While it’s somewhat repetitive—it helps me check myself constantly throughout the day. What can I do? Take a couple more breaths when I get angry, stop and reflect on why I’m feeling that way. Take myself out of a situation that seems so BIG to try and look at it from a different perspective; sometimes you’re too close to see the entire picture. What can I do in these 24 hours to align present-me with the radiant future-me?


At one time in life, I believed that affirmations were complete BS. In retrospect, that was very ignorant of me. I realized I wasn’t wanting to put in the work to make changes to my mental health. I thought looking myself in the mirror and speaking loving words was, well… cringe. I speak now, confident in affirming all ‘wants’ in life. A loving relationship with yourself comes from TELLING yourself that you’re that B*TCH!! It comes from writing sticky notes telling yourself you’re hot sh*t and hanging them up around the house. We deserve good things. We deserve love and laughter and light. Say it. Speak it.


Megan Bartholomew - Mischief Maker



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