Ummm, please hold. I have questions. It's 2022?!!

Fuck, man, shit! Sorry, I have a legit potty mouth ;) 2021 was a loaded ball of stress for me. I honestly can’t wrap my brain around the specific reason. I imagine it has something to do with falling victim to the “hustle culture.” I have a nasty habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything and working way too much.

Why the back story? Well, you see, when I put everything else but myself first, resolutions fall to the wayside. We’re talking two minutes into January, and I’ve deviated. But here’s the thing, I make sure to set some kind of resolution, not to beat myself up or to have a monkey on my back, but to remind myself that you need to focus on you. Try to make yourself a priority. It’s important; my mental and physical health are important. Listen, that doesn’t mean I stick with anything all year! 90% of the time I’m resetting my intentions.

Listen, if you want to read 50 books or travel the world in the new year, go for it. But don’t forget, life is extremely chaotic. Here are a few simple resolutions that’ll still make you feel great. Get up and move a bit, drink more water, enjoy the outdoors, listen or watch something that will make you laugh, read a few books throughout the year, and last but not least, look in the mirror each day and give yourself a little love.

Change will not come if we wait around for some other person to save us or for some other time to be the “right” time, truly WE are the ones we have been waiting for; and I’m not even sad about this—new me, journey, and experience. We are the only beings able to change ourselves, truly, so let’s get the f*ck to it.

~Andrea Zeiler - Branding Badass


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