Here's to being adult-ish.

If there was one thing I was sure of as a kid, it was that when I became an adult, I’d finally have things all figured out. I expected that magic age to come around and *boom!* a switch would be flipped and suddenly I’d have all the answers. As far as I could tell, every adult in my life appeared to just know all. the. things. So, I waited...and waited...and...

First came high school graduation and turning 18. Oh boy, did that freedom taste good! But did I feel like an adult? Next milestone—a big one here in the states—21! I wish I could say that first painful hangover transformed me into a wise adult... but alas! If the following hangover the very next weekend taught me anything, it was that I really was none the wiser. Then, a few years later, I became a mom. I thought to myself then, ‘Aha! Now is my time! I’ll have to have all the answers now!’ Imagine my consternation when that did not come to pass. Oh shit! Was there something wrong with me? True, I felt closer than I did at 18, but I still didn’t feel like an A-D-U-L-T. At least not according to my definition.

So what did I do? I called my mom. I called and asked how she and her entire generation were so damn good at this whole adult thing, while I was over here feeling like a big ol’ faker. And do you know what that wonderful lady admitted to me? Turns out, she felt the same way. That’s right! The woman I swore had it all together all this time, was also a big ol’ faker (sometimes).

And that’s when it clicked. No matter which trip around the sun we’re currently in the middle of, we’re all still figuring things out day by day. Mistake by mistake. There’s no magic number. There’s no one big ‘AHA!’ moment. Instead, there’s a bunch of little ‘ah-ha’s!’ all along the way. There’s! And you know what else I realized? There’s not a damn thing wrong with that—or with me!

So here’s to being adult-ish. Here’s to having no idea what the heck we’re doing sometimes but doing our very best every time. Here’s to cleaning up our own messes and to packing our own suitcase. Here’s to actually following a recipe and to saving the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Here’s to making lists that keep us on track and to using a fucking coaster to avoid the ring of shame. Here’s to staying active and getting stronger, because if we have to do this whole adult thing, we might as well feel damn good while we’re doing it!

And here's to you, sassy friend! You're doing a fucking great job!

- Ashley, Customer Service Queen


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