Entice everyone's ears with a playlist heavy on variety.

Nothing can ruin a road trip as quick as a bad play list can! Good music is the backbone of any car ride. Make sure to keep the happy level at its peak for all of your passengers by following these tips:

1) One word: V-A-R-I-E-T-Y
     Let's face it, there are many different tastes of music out there. So make sure to include a lot of variety on your playlist.

2) Include songs that everyone can sing along with.
     Think: Hits. Songs you've heard a million times. This way, even if it's not someone's favorite tune, they're still happy to belt it out along with you.

3) Nostalgia is always a winner!
     Everyone loves a song that takes them back to simpler times or brings back good memories. Playing songs that trigger nostalgia rarely miss the mark.


Oh, you want us to make this shit even easier for you? OK! S&S has put together a bomb ass playlist that hits all of these notes. Click here or scan the image below with your Spotify app to start jammin' out immediately! 



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