Squad Goals Box
Squad Goals Box

This box will have you holding your pals CLOSE AF! Some moments in life wouldn’t have been half as fun if you didn't have your tight squad there with you! We deserve some good-ass people in our lives. Remember the belly laughs? The smiles so big they hurt your cheeks?

  • "Let's Go" Oversized Tote by Smartass & Sass
  • Sassy Mineral Lipstick by Bella Pierre
  • Girl Gang Markers by Smartass & Sass
  • Really Pretty Pool Bag by Sprinkled With Pink
  • Advice From Sassholes Playing Cards by Smartass & Sass
  • Cheers B*tches! Cup Set by Smartass & Sass
  • You're My Lobster Card by Smartass & Sass
  • "As If!" Mini Felt Board by Smartass & Sass

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