Leave Me Be Stocking Stuffer
Leave Me Be Stocking Stuffer

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!

This stocking stuffer includes:

Energy Drink Eye Masks:

See ya, dark circles! Say goodbye to that damn under-eye darkness & hello to rejuvenated, hydrated skin with these gold jelly under- eye masks. It’s like an energy drink for your eyes.

Includes 12 pairs

From Grace & Stella

Go Away Eye Mask: 

This is a lime green, ultra-soft, eye mask. It has an easy elastic strap with an hook-and-loop closure for maximum security on your noggin. Microwave for warm therapy or freeze for cold therapy. (P.S. It's GREAT for hangover headaches!)

From Smartass & Sass

Bend and Snap Hair ties: 

Two cute new ties to add to your collection! "It's called... the bend and snap." What would Elle Woods do? She'd tie her hair up, and always have faith in herself. Give your pony that pop of color it needs!

From Smartass & Sass

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