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Dirty B*tch (Shower Edition) Bundle
Dirty B*tch (Shower Edition) Bundle
Dirty B*tch (Shower Edition) Bundle
Dirty B*tch (Shower Edition) Bundle
Dirty B*tch (Shower Edition) Bundle

Embrace your inner rebel and treat yourself to the ultimate shower indulgence with our "Dirty Bitch - Shower Edition" bundle. Whether you're starting your day on a high note or winding down after a long day, this collection is sure to leave you feeling fierce, fabulous, and ready to conquer the world.

This bundle contains:

'Inhale the Good Sh*t' Shower Steamers (set of 4): Turns out the good shit smells like rose, milk, honey, and verbena. Who knew?! To use: place on shower floor away from heavy stream. Prevent it from being submerged. For best results, use hot water. Scents (1 steamer each): honey, milk, rose, verbena

Dirty B*tch Silicone Loofah: This silicone loofah is your new favorite body product! This last-forever-loofah has two scrubbing sides. A softer bristle side for lathering and washing and a bumpy side for massaging and exfoliating. Forget replacing your loofah every month. This bad boy never breaks down and doesn’t hold bacteria like a typical loofah. What a reusable queen! Plus we made it sweary just for you!

Recycle Your Sh*t Shampoo & Body Bar: We love a two-fer! This avocado scented body bar doubles as a solid shampoo. Simply work up a lather and wash yourself top to bottom. The bar is enriched with cocoa and shea butter leaving you silky smooth and squeaky clean. Just think of all the good you’re doing by using this plastic-free alternative!

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