Bubbles, B*tch Stocking Stuffer
Bubbles, B*tch Stocking Stuffer

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!

This stocking stuffer includes:

Breath B*tch Detox Bubble Bath: 

Reset your mind, body, and spirit with this mineral bubble bath straight from the Dead Sea. The salt from the Dead Sea has the highest mineral concentration in the world–a bath time must. It's guaranteed to keep fucks-to-be-given to a minimum.

Size: 6 oz.

From Lauryn's Garden

Last Nerve Cosmetic Bag:  

A small pouch containing my very last nerve...and all my beauty products. The interior is a bold orange-red; the exterior is a teal vegan leather. Double whammy. Don't peek inside here!

From Smartass & Sass

Exhaustipated Body Bar: 


Both a gentle shampoo and a lathering body cleanser—with a sandalwood scent. Simply rub bar on wet hair and body, lather and rinse for an earth-friendly shampoo and bath. Wash that sassy ass!

From Smartass & Sass

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