*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)
*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)*BIG BOX* Subscription Gift (1-Month)

Your Monthly Dose of Snarky Delight!

Are you ready to inject some sass into your life? Say hello to Smartass & Sass – the ultimate subscription box for those who aren't afraid to speak their mind. But here's the best part – this isn't your ordinary subscription.

Each month, our Big Box delivers 7-9 hand-curated items + 1 snarky t-shirt, carefully selected to saturate your world with pure smartassery. From snarky t-shirts to quirky kitchen goods, every box boasts a $150+ value of sass-filled surprises.

Subscriptions ship on the 18th and renew on the 1st, ensuring you never miss out on your monthly dose of sass. Plus, with the flexibility to modify or cancel your subscription anytime, it's sass on your terms.

So, what can you expect in your monthly box? Picture this: 7-9 full-size items + 1 t-shirt designed to make you chuckle and smirk. From witty totes to luxurious bath and beauty products, we've got everything you need to add a touch of attitude to your everyday life.

Join the Smartass & Sass community today and enjoy free U.S. shipping on every box. It's time to subscribe to sass – because life's too short to be boring!

Shirt sizes (chest measurements):

  • XS: 31"-34"
  • S: 34" - 37"
  • M: 38" - 41"
  • L: 42" - 45"
  • XL: 46"-49"
  • 2XL: 50"-53"
  • 3XL: 54"-57"
  • 4XL: 58"-61"

✨ Free U.S. shipping! ✨

*This is for a non-renewing subscription—it's one (month) and done, baby!*

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