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Near Modern Disaster

Near Modern Disaster is a one-lady operation fronted by Sam Kramer. Sam has been working under the name since 1999 – and Near Modern Disaster has gone through many incarnations over the years. (It was a killer Geocities page back in the day.) Its current (and most memorable) form as a line of greeting cards has been around since January of 2009 when Sam posted her first Valentine’s Day cards on Etsy. She initially touted the line as “cards for people you want to make out with” – a sentiment that still stands.


Though 2009 was the initial start for the stationery line, it was more of a hobby than a business until 2014 – the year Near Modern Disaster debuted at the National Stationery Show in NYC. AKA the year shit got real.

Since 2014, Near Modern Disaster has grown from a line of greeting cards to a small gift line – adding different items over the years like notepads, coffee mugs, and enamel pins. You can now find Near Modern Disaster products in about 250 stores nationwide – and a dozen or so stores across Canada.


Some of our favorite stuff:

  • A Goddamn Daydream Card | $4.50
  • What the Actual Fuck Card | $4.50
  • Coffee Is My Spirit Animal Mug | $15
  • Stuff I Forgot To Do Yesterday Notepad | $8

Included in:


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