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Handstamping Honey.


Lindsey has always had a creative passion and was thrilled when she learned of Etsy back in 2012. She just finished her second year of college and moved back home for the summer. Knowing she would need some extra money if she wanted to have an ounce of a life for those two months, she turned to jewelry making and opened her first Etsy shop. Success!


Two years later, she graduated and landed a full-time job, temporarily needing to set my shop to the side to get her feet planted in the “real world”. Still working full-time, she returned to Etsy in November 2016 with a new line of handstamped jewelry. She wanted to provide ladies with custom pieces tailored to fit their own unique personalities, as that’s something she is always looking for, too. Lindsey is a lover and firm believer of all things sassy and gold, and that’s exactly what you’re going to find in her shop. She absolutely adores this line and hopes you do, too!


Some of our favorite stuff:


  • Sassy Since Birth Cuff | $12
  • Travel Vibes Rings | $8
  • Mean Girls Keychain | $10 +

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