"In order to move forward, you have to give back." - Oprah Winfrey

We've gathered some of the most badass, woman-owned businesses we know to help make an impact for International Women's Day. 

The last few years have been rough on all of us; everyone in the workforce, parents, small businesses, EVERYONE. As we reflect on the previous couple of years, our small team at S&S is in awe of just how fortunate we are. We found fellowship in our small team and other like-minded businesses, many of which are women-owned. We could not explain the comradery we were feeling, but we knew we had to pay it forward. 

We want to capture that essence in our actions, bringing other like-minded women together to support our communities. Operation Stronger Together is just that, a way for us to join together to help our communities and each other. 

Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can #BreakTheBias.

The Causes We're Supporting

#BreakTheBias and make #2022WomanStrong.

Smartass & Sass

$2 / 5% per select sales


Smartass & Sass

$2 / 5% per select sales


Smartass & Sass

$2 / 5% per select sales


Knowledge Crate

10% of all sales from 2/22 - 3/22


Just Deco

$1 Spring Deco Box & 5% shop sales


We Craft Box

5% of every Craft Shop Box


the eczema sample store

$5 of every Women's History Month Mystery Box


Businesses Supporting The Causes

Smartass & Sass
Smartass & Sass

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