Retired Loyalty Program

The following information is specific to the OLD Loyalty Program that will be retired on Monday, March 25th, 2019.


  • If you have points you'd like to reply to your next renewal, do so before March 25
  • Otherwise all points will  be rolled into the new system
  • The new system has a ton of perks, like wayyyyy more ways to earn!
  • BUT your rewards will be for the shop (and cannot be applied to renewals)

FAQs for the Old Loyalty Program

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is subscribe! To view your points balance, click the login button below and scroll to the bottom of your account page.



How can I earn points?

You can earn points a few different ways. See below for our current list of rewards.


New Signup Reward: 250 points

The first time you subscribe you'll automatically get 250 points. Score!


Renewal Reward: 50 points

Earn 50 points for each month you're subscribed.  

If you're a month-to-month subscriber, you'll earn 50 points each month that your subscription renews. 
If you have a longer term, you'll earn 50 points per month. Example: if  you have a 3-month subscription, you'll earn 150 points when it renews.


How do I claim my rewards?

Get it, girl! Here's how you can redeem your points: Log in to your account, scroll down to the Loyalty section, and click “Choose my Reward”. All of the options you are eligible for will be clickable. Click the reward you want and follow the screens. Once you're finished, you'll receive an email confirmation and your points balance will have deducted the redeem points.



If you want to read a little bit about the new program, click here.