Inflation has us by the BALLS.

Inflation royally sucks ass

But rest assured we did our best to hold out as long as we could; including making some internal changes to hold the inflation beast at bay. But alas—we lost the battle. We will be raising our prices slightly on February 1st, 2022. 

Why is this happening?  

Long story short—the shipping world is a f*ckin’ shit show. Things are backed up, the cost to ship has increased at groundbreaking levels, and the butterfly effect is that our vendors, too, have increased the cost of products. S&S believes in providing you with a quality box; decreasing the quality of our boxes has never been an option—which leaves us with a subtle price increase upon your next renewal. 

How much are we talking here? Only $5.00 a box. 

But wait… 

we’re not just giving y’all some sh*tty news and bouncin’. We have some great news too. 

For one—the cost of shipping will stay the same! And on the flip side of this rate increase we will kick off with 1000 F*cks for February box recipients!

Another bonus—we will NOT be raising our prices on past boxes, shirts, or merchandise in our shop. 

S&S will continue to provide you with quality products, both our own and from the vendors we love. Smartass and Sass is proud to say that since we have been in business (2016) we have not ONCE raised our prices, until this year, 2022. 

We want to thank our subscribers so much for your loyalty, patience, understanding, and being the best damn group of sassholes we could ever ask for! 

Cheers to a kickass 2022.

Keep cussin’ with us.

Any further questions, please contact us at