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It’s getting freaking cold outside, but we’ve got some sassy surprises to keep you busy indoors. This month’s theme is a cozy party for one (or two, if you’re feeling generous!) Make a mug of something toasty and snuggle up under a blanket, because winter… is coming (sorry, it had to be done).

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Good heart but damn this mouth—sometimes it really causes some f*cking trouble. This month’s theme has no damn filter and is not meant for those twatwaffles who are easily offended. No snowflakes or Karen’s allowed. 🚫⁠


Living My Best Life

YOLO, baby! So let’s do this sh*t right. This month’s theme may mean something different for everyone, but the sentiment is the same: we can either let life make us its b*tch, or we can live it up, b*tches! Our vote is for the latter.

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