Do Not Disturb Box
Do Not Disturb Box

This box's theme is for when you need to check out. Sometimes we tend to let the upkeep of ourselves slip away. Never stop thinking about yourself; your only ride-or-die for life. An hour is only 4% of the day, take at least 8% and calm the f*ck down. This awesome box includes:

  • Drunken Meltdown Nail Polish by Trust Fund Beauty
  • IDK. IDC. IDGAF Glass Nail File by Smartass & Sass
  • Charging... Body Butter by Smartass & Sass
  • Holiday Gift Labels by Smartass & Sass
  • Mermaid Kisses Whipped Soap by AMNH Skincare
  • Handle It Scrunchie Set by Smartass & Sass
  • No One Cares Socks by Snark City
  • Do Not Disturb Sleep Mask by Hang Accessories
  • Namaste Motherf*cker Tea Sample by Snarky Tea

From Smartass & Sass

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