Watch out world—we have our sassy pants on!

Watch out world—we have our sassy pants on!

Watch out world—we have our sassy pants
on! Let’s be honest, it’s been that way since we
were born, amiright?

We encourage you to give in to your sassy, smartass
tendencies. That’s why we’re constantly trying to
bring you products that bring a laugh to your day
and put a pep in your step, but more importantly,
we want you to feel like you’re among friends.
One of my favorite things about joining the
Smartass & Sass team is the opportunity to be
unapologetically sassy. It’s in my DNA and I don’t
want to hold back who I am just because others
can’t keep up with my smartassery. Being part of
the S&S team means I get to be 100% that bitch
and I get to work with some of my best friends.

Working with people who have common interests,
like-attitudes, and similar humor is good for my
soul. Not only are we mouthy with each other (in a
loving way) but we come up with some of the best
one liners and snarky quips that have us laughing
until we are crying. (We’ve even created a giant
quote wall where we’ve commemorated some of
the best quotes said amongst us and we still laugh
just as hard at them the second time around.) Our
humor is how we bond. These are the people I
want to spend my time with.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re too
mouthy or you have an attitude problem. You
owe it to yourself to be fucking savage at all times.
Surround yourself with people who ‘get it’ and
who ‘get’ you. Life’s too short to not be yourself.
So hold your head up high, my sassy friends—the
only time you should look down is to check out
your shoes.


~ Anh, Sass Master