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a letter from Abby

(the former HBIC😢)

As of July 8, 2024 Smartass & Sass is closed to the public. After years of putting up the fight of our lives, Smartass & Sass has decided to close its doors. It has been the wildest roller coaster I could’ve imagined, and while there were a lot of incredibly painful lows, there were also innumerable highs. 

Kim and I started this company out of her home office and grew to a team of 10. Over the last eight years, we’ve shipped over 250,000 packages to over 25,000 customers. I had always hoped that we would find our community of sassholes but I never imagined just how hilarious and supportive you all would be. Thank you so much for loving what we create and being a part of this journey. 

Closing Smartass & Sass was not an easy decision and it’s one that we have tried to avoid for the last two years, but the reality of our financial situation and the economy is just impossible for us to overcome. This was a tough message to write and an even tougher decision to make but we are so grateful for your sassy support along the way. But don’t worry—we are determined bitches, so don't think you won't see us again!

- Abby

What's next for us

The Smartass & Sass crew brings you a fun new way to gift (without a subscription). New brand, new products, same love!


We all have that one friend… or maybe you're that friend. 

At That 1 Friend we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of every friendship. Our online shop offers a handpicked selection of distinctive gifts, perfect for showing your appreciation to those special pals who make life unforgettable. From quirky trinkets to thoughtful surprises, we've got something for every friend in your circle!


Looking for your next fix of sarcasm? Friends of Smartass & Sass have started a subscription of their own, and we have given them a Certified Sasshole stamp of approval!

Any day now a friend of sass will be announcing their new snarky subscription and we'll be the first to tell you! Check back SOON!

QUESTIONS ABOUT your order or subscription?

Look below for common questions or issues and quick answers.

When will my order ship?

Due to volume, orders placed after July 1 may take 5-10 business days to ship. You will receive tracking information as soon as your label is printed and ready to head out the door. 

Was June the last subscription box?

June 2024 was the final Smartass & Sass subscription box. It was packed with $300+ value for Box subscribers and $350+ value for Big Box subscribers. 

On or before June 29 we cancelled all subscriptions so that they will no longer renew.

I ordered a June Big Box but didn't receive a shirt.

June was our last month of shipping subscriptions. Instead of the typical $150 value (including a shirt plus the box contents), we did $350 of value for big box subs (but no shirt). 

Help! I need customer service for my recent order.

You can reach us at for any recent order questions through July 31, 2024. After this date the inbox will no longer be monitored. 

Can I still log in to my account to check tracking and order details?

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